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FODIP collaborates with financial institutions, to facilitate access to financing by setting up credit guarantee loans dedicated to mitigate loaner risk. This encourages financial institutions to increase loan access and capital investment in Guinean industries and small businesses
FODIP, in its perspective of increasing the competitiveness of the national private sector, is developing a Financing Fund to support investment programs and support to drive the competitiveness of the private sector. This commitment will aid in the development and diversification of the industrial sector and the Small business sector.
FODIP, in collaboration with the insurance promotion structures, will develop a risk mitigation tool geared for market and natural disaster. This will function as a guarantor between promoters, investors and the capital market. The tool will also support companies in their development projects with an offer to protect against government defaults.
FODIP facilitates the development of local businesses with the goal of building the resilience of industries and SMEs by strengthening each platforms foundation.
We finance training and development programs for:

  • National Structures
  • Incubators
  • Research and Development Centers
  • Technological Innovations
  • Industrial Infrastructure and Green Industry Promotion Projects

Advice & Support



FODIP, in partnership with incubators, accelerators and support programs for start-ups, facilitates access to financing for innovative business projects with high growth potential.


FODIP provides a network of experts, technical partners and market opportunities to help support and sustain company growth


FODIP aids in the expansion of business by lending it’s vast network of strategic partners, field expertise, and in depth knowledge of environment and partnership opportunities (commercial, technical, technological, etc.) in the regional and international sub-levels.