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The Industrial and SME Development Fund


The Industrial and SME Development Fund (FODIP), created by decree D / 2018/167 / PRG / SGG of August 16, 2018, is a public establishment (EPA) endowed with legal disposition and financial autonomy.



To become the benchmark for support and financing institutions in the country by providing innovative services adapted to industries and SMEs.


FODIP’s mission is to mobilize resources to promote industrial and entrepreneur business in Guinea, to stimulate and revive the Guinean economy by supporting the financing and developmental needs of industrial companies and SME’s.

To fulfill its missions, FODIP is developing a set of innovative financial tools and instruments that are geared toward the sustainable growth of the national economy.

The main objective is to qualify and strengthen the industrial fabric in a highly competitive environment.


We believe that Excellent and Efficient service to the community will allow us to forge lasting partnerships towards the ultimate goal, the revival of the Guinean economy.

  • Comply with best management practices
  • Transparency in all aspects of FODIP activities
  • Social responsibility and customer/partner protection with respect to all products and services
  • Compliance of accounting and financial information with national and international standards and practices
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations,